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Koch affiliated veterans group launching campaign against Trump’s Afghanistan and Syria policy

White House. To interest Trump, Afghanistan dangles investment opportunity. afraid the White House will pull back U.S. support against the Taliban, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani is talking up.

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Veterans respond to Trump’s Afghanistan strategy. Sec’y of State Rex Tillerson takes questions after President Donald Trump’s Afghanistan. Donald Trump Has A ‘Whole New Policy’ For.

The al-Qaeda-affiliated Jabhat al. Arabia have not impeded the movement to Syria of jihadists coming to join the rebels, recruited from the ranks of Sunni extremist veterans of the wars in Chechnya.

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Trump details new policy for US presence in Afghanistan Acknowledging his stance has changed, President Trump described a military policy Monday that will bolster U.S. presence in Afghanistan but.

State news agency SANA said the shells were fired by militants affiliated with al-Qaida’s branch in Syria, known as the Nusra Front, and the ultraconservative ahrar al-sham group. Trump.

The war in Afghanistan is 16 years and counting, but the strategy hasn’t drastically changed post-Bush era. Back in August, President donald trump gave his first major speech addressing the.

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Really, why did the Trump Capsule end? I know it was to record abnormal aspects of his campaign. inoculating it against the liberal bias virus. This could give more authority to your observations.

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Her campaign has grabbed a host of national lefty attention, with the Howard Dean-affiliated Democracy for America. and has said that he refused to shake President Trump’s hand. “I don’t respect.

One by one, D-Day memories fade as war’s witnesses die A Jewish French-American World War II veteran, Bernard Dargols, lived almost long enough to join the celebrations next month marking 75 years since the D-Day invasion of Normandy.

In an address to the nation Monday, President Trump revealed America’s longest war is not over yet. The United States will send more troops to Afghanistan.

In an article with the understated headline “A ferocious assault on Aleppo suggests the U.S. may be wrong on Syria,” she writes: [T]he launch of the offensive. in Syria alongside the United States.

As far as the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq is concerned, the Trump administration has continued with the policy of its predecessor. The Trump administration’s policy in Syria, however, has been markedly different from the regime change policy of the Obama administration.

We took a look back at what Trump said during the campaign about troops in Afghanistan and the nation’s longest-running war. Trump has been calling to get troops out of Afghanistan for years.